New Indy World of Darkness

The Lonely Death of Billy Staples

A shining light extinguished

Our hunter cell recovering from the scare they had last night in House have decided to move against Doctor Mark during the day, where they know he lairs somewhere within Bloomington Hospital.

The two agents, Nielsen and Frank, moved to investigate during the day, with Billy and Alejandro waiting again, just in case.

While there our two agents found a person of interest and wanted to separate him for questioning. A homeless man walking in a daze entered. As they were leaving they heard a loud bang, an explosion occurred. Checking the scene with Alejandro and Billy in tow they found that the explosion was more targeted and lead into the sewers.

Steeling themselves they made the plunge into it’s stench, hoping to find the vampires lair and end their villainy forever. Going along the tunnel they started hearing a cacophony of noises and voices, random in direction and sense.

Coming upon a break into the tunnel it split in several directions but Brother Billy Staples saw a tunnel that was being masked by a “wall”. Our hunters moved forward slowly investigating the strange tunnel they found strange markings on the wall, which Alejandro Gonzales could read as alchemy symbols but they weren’t part of an equation, more they felt like they were trying to convey a message, exactly what it was trying to say was unknown.

Noticing a large misshapen “Thing” moving up from the water to the tunnel. Billy seeing some kind of burning radiance within it, unfamiliar to him said a prayer and threw his heart wood stake at it dealing a massive blow. Roaring and crying in pain it summoned a tendril of mud and muck going into Billy’s mouth dealing a painful blow and causing him to chock in pain. Rushing past it disappeared into the hand carved cavern.

Investigating further, following this beasts trail they found the lair of the vampires and the beast, but the vampires were not seen following the beasts trail to a murky pool of water, the hunters were divided. While Frank, Nielsen, and Alejandro wanted to investigate the rest of the rooms and find as many clues as possible, Billy wanted to pursue the the beast and end it. Braving himself he went alone….

The rest of the hunters found a shrine to an unknown woman, as well as a diary… while debating whether to go in after Billy they saw his cold, wet, lifeless body come up to the pool, his head was bashed in.

Mourning the loss of his friend Alejandro was getting depressed and aggressive. Frank and Nielsen decided that using the Munin Serum on him would be best, however Alejandro would have none of that. Resisting and fleeing, he has gone low in the shadows….



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