New Indy World of Darkness

The Fate of Alejandro Gonzalez

Hey Buddy....

“How’s it going?”

Alejandro was in his safe house when his phone rang, the voice on the other end when he answered gave him shivers, he responds.


The voice of Stephen Felt continues,

“Oh don’t be that way, we’re pals right? And I wanted to thank you Doctor Mark decided to move else where, not quite a body but a win is a win right?”

Alejandro’s anger wells up,

“Billy’s dead you fiend, trying to kill this monster that was down there! My best friend is dead”

“Billy… Billy,” Felt sounding as if trying to remember something, “Oh yeah him! Well… sorry to hear about the loss, do you need to take something, I can hook you up?”

“No!” Alejandro yells into the phone, “No I’m fine!”

“Well okay buddy if you say so, oh by the way I did leave another sample for you to work on outside your shop and everything. It would be something that you want to work on right?” Felt asks

“Not right now” Alejandro lies, partially.

“Oh well guess I’ll see you later than.” Felt says, “andmaybegetsomeoneelse” mumbling quickly.



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