New Indy World of Darkness

Carl Sturm Jr. Gets a lead

A fun quest

When those two agent started acting all weird and stuff Carl decided to check his leads to see if any thing had turned up on the bloodsucking bastard that killed his father. Checking with them he found a lead, a possible sighting back in Minnesota. He was going to leave, quietly in the night when he heard.

“Son are you sure you can do this on your own? Have faith in the Lord and he shall give you aid in your time of need!” Turning he sees that crazy preacher guy Jeremiah, Carl isn’t sure about him, but he seems to be able to find where evil things lie their heads so he asks,

“Why? You wantin’ to come with me or somethin’?”

Jeremiah responds, “I go were the Lord takes me, and if you need my assistance I will surely oblige.”

“Fine, do whatever you want.”

They go to Minnesota, leaving Indianapolis behind them… but they did not notice a device planted on Carl’s truck.

“This is Hansel Norse reporting, Carl has found lead on subject “X” will follow and re-capture subject “X” what do you want me to do about them?"



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