New Indy World of Darkness

After the first meeting

A face returns

Our banishers Jeb Stuart and Professor Bill Clark needed to test a “new comer” so they took him to The House of Blue Lights and summoned Skyles Test. There they found him, being called out from his ethereal existence through a force of will by The new comer. Summoning him and making him perform tricks to prove himself, Mr. Test was angry and seemed to disappear. A pride of ghost house cats appeared, in which Jeb tried to make mental contact.. unfortunately the mind of a dead animal is extremely foreign to him (let alone a living animal) Calling a retreat they moved back to their respective places of rest.

Hearing rumors of an Agent Johnson asking questions about a Felt found out to be true for Professor Bill Clark as he came and asked him if he had seen him or knew anything about him. Both Jeb and The new comer had heard of the name, but had not actually met him or seen him. They also knew a little about E to The X and how Felt was a supplier. Deciding to meet with this Johnson, they had a nice lunch and immediately The new comer sensed something off about him. Seeing a heavy aura similar to the radio waves about a month ago, they had linked it to a rash of suicides, noting Suicide Rates are on the Rise, however just as they had made that connection, the heavy, ominous, feeling they carried disappeared. Suspicious Jeb scried, looking through his glass of water, found Johnson talking to someone but no one else was with him.

They had worked out a deal to give Johnson a laser microphone, as he said that he had lost his while investigating. Placing a radio emitter for tracking purposes, Johnson was followed and found him conversing with a ghost, presumably of Emily Hoss, he was aggressive and upon hear a sick, snapping sound it appeared that Johnson was not only able to touch ghosts but to injure and “kill” as well. Now they are wondering what’s going on?



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