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  • Bullets Killed The Radio Star

    Starting with their nerves frayed over the events of [[Last Time | Last Time]] they were going to investigate the radio waves after a long debate, apparently carrying the power of death through it, somehow... while Agent Nielsen went back to Washington …

  • Slashers

    A serial killer; may exhibit supernatural traits. Rumored that if a hunter goes to far down in [[The Vigil]] that they become slashers

  • The Fallen

    Hunters who have fallen from grace as it were and become monsters such as [[Slashers | Slashers]]. Often insane and quite dangerous.

  • The Reanimated

    Corpses reanimated with mystical power. Often appears human, but glimpses of stitches and corpse-flesh can sometimes be seen. Some manifest as [[zombies]] or [[muddy golems]].

  • The Thief

    A strange dessicated body believed to harvest organs especially those around the supernatural or are supernatural. Durable and strangely non detectable to the [[Benedictions | Benedictions]] it was leaving behind a trail of [[Two College Students Missing …

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