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  • Juan Goldberger

    Lawyer, Defense Attorney Hispanic mother, Jewish Father. Defended [[:95642 | Alajandro Gonzales]] and was going to defend [[:94541 | Carlos Jones]].

  • Guillermo Ortez

    A young studious child. Being picked on by other kids... also there is another kid that looks just like him.... We need to know what's going on.

  • Jimmy Ortez

    A drug dealer that purchases the goods from [[:95642 | Alejandro Gonzales]], father of [[Guillermo Ortez | Guillermo Ortez]] last left tied up in his home.

  • Mary Bitner

    A poor elementary teacher that was scared by some sort of supernatural being that goes by "Sam" apparently, with red-hair and burning blue eyes.

  • Sam

    A young boy appearing to be about 11 to 12 years old, hits harder than he looks and has red hair, blue eyes that seem to glow or burn. Has no shadow and an odd presence of August like humid heat of summer. Was last seen wielding a wooden sword and …

  • Mary Sue

    A young brunette haired woman when using the [[Benedictions | Benedictions]] appears wolf-like in appearance, appears to be serving under [[Sam | Sam]] in some sort of capacity...

  • Doctor Oskar Oskarson

    A member of the Ascending Ones will be making an appearance to help teach [[:95642 | Alejandro Gonzales]] the ability to "safely" consume the orders [[Elixirs]] in order to strengthen resolve and push back against The World of Darkness.

  • Sarah

    What Floyd called their presumed [[Mages | Mage]] opponent, blond haired, blue eyes Caucasian woman in her early 20's was dressed in a sports uniform wielding a base ball bat as a weapon, was manipulating time some how... We won't know as she is now …

  • Bridgette Alexander

    Sister of [[:jason-alexander | Jason Alexander]], now deceased, killed by [[:jacob-bennet | Jacob Bennet]] in a hunger frenzy...

  • John Mckaskill

    A missing DJ, maybe linked with mysterious and deadly jazz music causing suicides.. Believed to be a ghost, perhaps seeking vengeance?

  • Doctor Reese

    Head of [[Bloomington Hospital | Bloomington Hospital]]'s psychiatric wing. See Richard Geofferies.

  • Richard Geoffries

    Going by [[Doctor Reese | Doctor Reese]] a man older than he appears, can walk in sunlight but who knows what he is, perhaps even something monstrous.

  • Maggie

    The woman of a poor incomplete soul's dream.

  • Joey

    A skate boarding youth... somehow has a connection to [[:94539 | Kimberly Hancock]]

  • Smith

    A large brute of a security guard, works in the Bank One offices. Likes [[:94539 | Kimberly Hancock]]

  • Agent Johnson

    A portly, middle manager looking agent for some sort of government agency. Seems to be able to interact with ghosts, may be a sin-eater.

  • Emily Hoss

    A ghost of a woman of the night.. apparently killed again by an angry [[Agent Johnson | Agent Johnson]].

  • Thomas

    A Mage that volunteers at the animal shelter, seems to have an affinity with dogs.

  • Robert

    Another mage that volunteers at the shelter, seems obsessed with the [[Tao]] seeing it as the true way of things.

  • bellhop

    A poor unnamed soul, now killed by a [[Agent Johnson | Agent Johnson]] by a pack of stray animals... But why?

  • Jason Alexander

    A young member of the FBI, he is seeking the disappearance of two college students. Age:25 Appearance: Blond spiky hair, stands 5'11 and weighs about 130lbs, wears a brown leather jacket and a dark green shirt underneath also wears Blue jeans with …

  • Stephen Felt

    Suspected Vampire (Billy Staple's look at him has him appear as a dessicated starving man.) Is said to use [[:94541 | Carlos Jones]] as a go between him and the Cartels that supply him with drugs. Prefers narcotics and "lighter" drugs over heavier …

  • Father Michaels

    Hunter that rescued Billy Staples from a vampire attack and is training him in the arts of the [[Malleus Maleficarum | Malleus Maleficarum]] and the [[Benedictions | Benedictions]].

  • William Boan

    A man in his early 40/late 30's wears a white lab coat and name tag. Short Brown hair and Brown Eyes.

  • Carlos Jones

    [[:stephen-felt | Stephen Felt's]] suspected liaison between him and the Cartels. Went missing before his trial was set.

  • Jacob Bennet

    Jacob was only a kid when he first experienced the supernatural. He grew up in a rough Eastside neighborhood. There a local gang leader [['Dark Eyes' Johnson | 'Dark Eyes' Johnson]] held power. Jacob always hated the fact that a horrible person like ' …

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