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  • The Continuing Death of Kevin Walker

    "I... I feel dizzy am I bleeding out?" [[:kevin-walker | Kevin Walker]] trying to summon some strength look around. "... I am bleeding and I'm in a... junkyard?" Remembering the meeting with [[:94539 | Kimberly Hancock]] he wants to scream but a …

  • Mages

    Practitioners of the dark arts, they have sold their souls for power and think they are better for it, often enslaving those around them. Who knows what powers they wield but fortunately while they think they are better than you you "Mage's Solution" …

  • 'Dark Eyes' Johnson

    A mage on the "East side" who had a powerful force and some say cult of personality. Remember [[Mages | Mages]] always lie, even in death. Presumed deceased.

  • Ryan

    Deceased (?) presumed [[Mages | Mage]] and a victim of [[:the-thief | The Thief]] A vagrant who oddly had a digital camera and boom mic, rumored to work as a sound technician before becoming homeless.

  • Shaman

    Believed to be able to commune with natural spirits, normally found with naturalists or native American faiths...possible form of magic.

  • Demons

    Evil forces from Hell said to be great keepers of knowledge. But who pulls their strings? Themselves, Mages, Lucifer it is not comforting either way.

  • Item of mystical power

    Some items can be imbued with mystical properties, but what they can do remains a mystery. The party has thus far found two, a boom mic and a crowbar.

  • Sarah

    What Floyd called their presumed [[Mages | Mage]] opponent, blond haired, blue eyes Caucasian woman in her early 20's was dressed in a sports uniform wielding a base ball bat as a weapon, was manipulating time some how... We won't know as she is now …

  • Bridgette Alexander

    Sister of [[:jason-alexander | Jason Alexander]], now deceased, killed by [[:jacob-bennet | Jacob Bennet]] in a hunger frenzy...

  • Banishers

    Banishers are similar to [[Mages | Mages]] in that they are able to see and pull power from the [[Supernal Realms]]. That is where the similarity end however in that as opposed to a mage who might feel a sense of understanding or relief or naturalness …

  • Supernal Realms

    The supernal realms are higher plains of existence where all magic flows. It must pass through the [[Abyss]] and so thus most spell casting has an element of risk. Every mage whether they follow the Atlantean paths, Banishers, or Seers all awaken to a …

  • Professor Bill Clark

    A professor of technology and science.. He awakened to magic when nearly electrocuting himself.. in his state he saw the cosmos before him and it's majesty but he saw and felt a strange force moving through him and the galaxy feeling revulsion and the …

  • The new comer

    A college freshman at IUPUI he met the [[Banishers | Banishers]] [[Jeb Stuart | Jeb Stuart]] and [[Professor Bill Clark | Professor Bill Clark]] and while working with them still doesn't fully trust them. He awakened to the [[Realm of The Dead | Stygia …

  • Thomas

    A Mage that volunteers at the animal shelter, seems to have an affinity with dogs.

  • Robert

    Another mage that volunteers at the shelter, seems obsessed with the [[Tao]] seeing it as the true way of things.

  • hallow

    A place that pools or gathers mana energy into the area. Things that are normally viciously fought over.

  • mana

    The gather-able power of the [[Supernal Realms | Supernal Realms]] to enforce ones will upon reality. Magical Fuel.

  • Bashilu

    One of the two types of spirits that Father Wolf failed to stop entering our world. Who or what they or Father Wolf are is up in the air, but presumably types of spirits, with Bashilu being a rat spirit of some kind...

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