New Indy World of Darkness

Cover Up
It's waiting...

As the flames start to die down at Professor Bill Clark’s home and his neighbors home, Carl Baker. It caused a wave a fear to spread across the IU Bloomington campus a professor and grad student found dead. Adding onto the wave of fear that seems to be surrounding an Agent Johnson as well as how our tale started, with Two College Students Missing.

The IPD in combination with the FBI are suspecting terrorism, by a group called the Silver Hand that Clark tried to warn them about, as Jason Alexander told them.. He got the lead but couldn’t get to Clark in time. The investigation continues for this mysterious group.

E to The X is still on the streets… police can’t seem to find the place where it’s made or even who is distributing it…

And with the changing of the seasons it is now the Rule of Fear, the Rule of Fall.

So who will be next to brave this city engulfed in supernatural evil?

Who knows… a break to another grim world is in order.

Explosive Encounters
Of Doom

Jeb Stuart and Professor Bill Clark came up with a plan to destroy Thomas and Robert once and for all.

Composing a letter for Thomas, they lured them and another mage, Susan Gayle to a part of a natural gas line outside of Indy. Carefully they placed 5 gallons of nitroglycerin into a bomb mechanism.

Thomas however had some sort of spirit or familiar that alerted him to the trouble when they arrived.. being suspicious they started scanning the area. Taking the opportunity to trigger the device, he managed to catch Robert within the blast. The mages tried to change the area to contain the flames but something went horribly wrong… they couldn’t form the words necessary for their spells. Summoning instead a great demon of flames and sports, looking like a cross between a Balrog and love-craftian horror.

Jeb and Clark celebrated as they shot at them, killing Robert as they fled out of the situation from a flaming stair. Unfortunately not all were caught and killed in the trap. Calling into the police, Clark tried to frame the mages for their “terrorist” act.

However the news around the story was forming opposite to their expectations they scryed upon Thomas. They found that he was in a different apartment than they had viewed before. Taking this opportunity they set up another attempt at framing Thomas at least for terrorist acts by rigging his apartment wit ha small explosive charge plus 2 gallons of nitroglycerin, that were meant to be found. However that was not meant to be as the explosion was too much for their trick and ended up burning down that apartment as the volatile components exploded.

Scrying again they found that they were planning an attack against them. So they planned a trap… unfortunately the mages attack plan was from their play book, they rigged their house with explosives to cover up being their own wave of terrorist attacks. The explosion was being their end as fire, boiling mud, and spirit cats overwhelmed our Banishers…

Now the cover-up begins…

The Apartments
...of Rats!

While researching the strange device and a new spell Jeb Stuart and Professor Bill Clark decided that it would be best to look at animal shelters for suspected Mage activity. Figuring it be an easy place to hide sacrifices for mana and that their devil-powered foes would naturally be there.

Going to the shelter they found that both Thomas and Robert who volunteered there had the “devil’s aura” around them. Investigating them they seemed to be doing two things, building a hallow or some sort of build-up of energy within the animal shelter and investigating a run-down apartment complex.

Investigating further they found that something odd is happening at the low rent apartment. Rats or rat spirits the Bashilu as Jeb heard them identified them. Apparently the Mages are associated with some sort of democratic movement but were told to research more, however they are becoming suspicious of our “heroes” and so they are going to move.

After the first meeting
A face returns

Our banishers Jeb Stuart and Professor Bill Clark needed to test a “new comer” so they took him to The House of Blue Lights and summoned Skyles Test. There they found him, being called out from his ethereal existence through a force of will by The new comer. Summoning him and making him perform tricks to prove himself, Mr. Test was angry and seemed to disappear. A pride of ghost house cats appeared, in which Jeb tried to make mental contact.. unfortunately the mind of a dead animal is extremely foreign to him (let alone a living animal) Calling a retreat they moved back to their respective places of rest.

Hearing rumors of an Agent Johnson asking questions about a Felt found out to be true for Professor Bill Clark as he came and asked him if he had seen him or knew anything about him. Both Jeb and The new comer had heard of the name, but had not actually met him or seen him. They also knew a little about E to The X and how Felt was a supplier. Deciding to meet with this Johnson, they had a nice lunch and immediately The new comer sensed something off about him. Seeing a heavy aura similar to the radio waves about a month ago, they had linked it to a rash of suicides, noting Suicide Rates are on the Rise, however just as they had made that connection, the heavy, ominous, feeling they carried disappeared. Suspicious Jeb scried, looking through his glass of water, found Johnson talking to someone but no one else was with him.

They had worked out a deal to give Johnson a laser microphone, as he said that he had lost his while investigating. Placing a radio emitter for tracking purposes, Johnson was followed and found him conversing with a ghost, presumably of Emily Hoss, he was aggressive and upon hear a sick, snapping sound it appeared that Johnson was not only able to touch ghosts but to injure and “kill” as well. Now they are wondering what’s going on?

IUPUI Bloomington Ghost Club
Join Today!

A new club forming on campus. Share Ghost Stories and make friends. Learn about the ghosts of our state and have fun! A meet and greet will be on September 8 at 7:30 PM. Food and Drinks will be provided.

The Continuing Death of Kevin Walker
Where am I?

“I… I feel dizzy am I bleeding out?” Kevin Walker trying to summon some strength look around.

“… I am bleeding and I’m in a… junkyard?” Remembering the meeting with Kimberly Hancock he wants to scream but a gurgle comes out instead.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you son… if you want to live I can help…” a voice says…

“Oh god not another deal,” Kevin thinks and says “get on with it then…” Turning and screaming in horror as he see a man in black breeches, a white cotton shirt with what appears to be arrows and at least a tomahawk sticking out of him. But with a head of a wolf moving towards him. “Done.”

“Aaaaaahh!” Kevin screams, up with sudden energy and vigor… looking down he sees the claw marks on his front and feels the claw marks on his back heal.. “What happened?” he thinks… he hear’s a voice.. “Oh keeping you alive, you should be thankful.” The wolf-headed man appears before him.

“What do you want from me?” Kevin asks, “Oh nothing, just want you to give death to those who be deserving of it is all..” The wolf-headed man says. “Like Stephen Felt?” Kevin questions, “Yeah whatever” The wolf-headed man says.

The Death of Kevin Walker
That Office Meeeting Was Brutal...

After dealing with Sam, our two Task Force VALKYRIE agents went back to their hotel and separate rooms. This lead to Agent Frank being attacked by Sam as he had refused his deal and knew on some level of dealings with the vampires. And that was wrong and needed to be stopped. Giving one last opportunity to tell him what he knew, Frank, perhaps fueled by his addiction to E to The X refused. Sam than started attacking with beams of sunlight…

Obviously this started some fires… some on Agent Frank… his injuries being severe enough that he was taken to a more secure holdings for detox and “recovery”.

Continuing to look for leads they found a Kimberly Hancock to be suspicious, and thus started to investigate her. Using his Kirlian Camera, Carl Sturm Junior took several photographs of her and her compatriots at various times. It seemed suspicious, her and her friends “auras” were off…

Meanwhile another member of the Malleus Maleficarum was investigating the death of Brother Billy Staples and Agent Nielsen was in trouble, his contacts with both Carl and the strange evangelist preacher disappeared and seeking help went to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis for aid, knowing of the hunter wing of the church. Working together they found out that some of Mrs. Hancock’s associates were indeed Vampires as well as some, including Hancock were Werewolves.

Investigating one of the “weaker” looking ones, a Joey, Agent Nielsen suspected that the werewolves and vampires were not getting along. Meeting with Mrs. Hancock again would be the last meeting he would have as when he revealed knowing about vampires a Smith and Hancock teamed up upon him showing their wolf forms in various ways. His body was dumped. The Malificarum agent? Left to report back to the Vatican…

See Agent Nielsen

Carl Sturm Jr. Gets a lead
A fun quest

When those two agent started acting all weird and stuff Carl decided to check his leads to see if any thing had turned up on the bloodsucking bastard that killed his father. Checking with them he found a lead, a possible sighting back in Minnesota. He was going to leave, quietly in the night when he heard.

“Son are you sure you can do this on your own? Have faith in the Lord and he shall give you aid in your time of need!” Turning he sees that crazy preacher guy Jeremiah, Carl isn’t sure about him, but he seems to be able to find where evil things lie their heads so he asks,

“Why? You wantin’ to come with me or somethin’?”

Jeremiah responds, “I go were the Lord takes me, and if you need my assistance I will surely oblige.”

“Fine, do whatever you want.”

They go to Minnesota, leaving Indianapolis behind them… but they did not notice a device planted on Carl’s truck.

“This is Hansel Norse reporting, Carl has found lead on subject “X” will follow and re-capture subject “X” what do you want me to do about them?"

Burnin' Down The House
A Den of Snakes

It started when our newest hunter, a preacher, needed somewhere to rest for the night. Coming to a Baptist church he fell asleep and when he awoke, feeling suddenly lethargic, used the powers of his infernal Heritage to find out what was going on.

Meditating upon his sins he opened himself to find the sins of others, he saw visions of fire, snakes, women screaming.. all upon the altar. As well as a large black stain coming from the floor itself.

Continuing the hunt for Doctor Mark and this “Sewer Billy” they decided to investigate the church in the day for clues. A Carl found a way into the sewers and with a map of the sewers in tow decided to find the rest of the group. They found the pastor’s journal in his study and some grape juice that had some addictive properties, of which Agent Nielsen fell victim to.

Finding themselves in the sewers they managed to confront and “kill” this “Billy” and than move on to explore the area. Finding other possible scary doors but afraid to enter them they knew where they were but now it was getting to them.

Agent Nielsen, realizing that there was a serious and odd problem of being addicted to “grape juice” tried his best to stop himself by trusting himself to the injured Agent Frank. It didn’t work for long as he moved to find more of this “grape juice” at the church, which Carl and the preacher where watching. Both saw thing of interest, the preacher seeing a group of fifteen or so spawn of the devil leaving from the basement entrance. Carl found a bellhop moving towards the church, lethargic looking. Following him inside he found him putting a strange sap-like liquid into the grape juice. The hunter finding new information tried to regroup but not before subduing Agent Nielsen and loading his gun with blanks.

Taking Nielsen to a hospital to get help they believed to have helped him and initially yes they did. But as the night continued on he was visited by at least two maybe three vampires. His struggling and yelling managed to get the attention of Agent Frank who tried to ride in for the rescue but in the end both Agents became compromised.

Following Stephen Felt’s orders to keep an eye on their new friends, Frank like the good soldier he was set out immediately. Nielsen again through a force of will managed to handcuff himself to a tree. Later finding himself face to face with a young boy who said he could get him out of the predicament he was in. Desperate and increasingly quick tempered, Nielsen agreed.

Meeting at a Speedway and outside it parking lot they discussed their plan to strike. Coming up with an intricate plan they moved forward, but Agent Frank contacted Felt, who then suggested just burning the place down and by suggested Agent Frank was told. So beginning Felt’s plan he moved forward ahead of the scheduled attack plan. Thus causing a lot of confusion bu not before Carl got a good shot in on one of the vampires. The church burned to the ground and our hunters are left with a “Now what?” on their minds.

They Took Her From Me!

Our Hunters after successfully protecting a young girl named Maggie moved outside when a terrible moaning sound was heard.

Meeting up with two other hunters, they decided to pursue the beast into it’s sewer home after determining where it ran off too.

Creeping up slowly in the sewer they heard the sad, mournful sobs of the creature “They took her from me, I was in love and now she’s gone!” it cried.

The beast appeared to be talking to someone, “Don’t worry it will be okay we’re here for you.” a soothing voice says, which agent Frank can identify as Doctor Mark. Hearing other voices, Alejandro’s voice “That’s right” than Billy Staples “don’t worry, we got this.”

Afraid they decided to come back in the day.

Coming back in the day, they began exploring the sewers anew, in there they again found a passage with strange symbols upon it, and Agent Frank familiar with what happened last time with Billy, attempted to walk through the wall. He was successful but was soon overwhelmed by the power of the scary door and fled not wanting anything to do with it. Systematically the other hunters succumbed to the doors frightful presence.

But all is not lost, they have a new lead by their protestant friend, who stayed at a church and through his ability to see sin, found great sin there as well as evil at it’s altar.


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