New Indy World of Darkness

Things may have gotten worse

“Sister” a man says while knocking on the door of a large church.

“Open up please!” Another man says..

“Owwww, my hand…”

“Don’t worry Dikastes” Lancaster says, “We’ll get you up again, Sister!” knocking again.

“Yes,” the door opens an old nun appears “oh my what happened to Dikastes.”

“We’ll explain, I don’t think we’ll have much time though, but we need your powers of Life to get our man back up again.”

“Fine come in…”

Sometime later….

“I see, so you believe this Aegis Kai Doru is related to the Timori in some way?” asks the nun.

“I believe from what we have gleaned thus far yes though they seem to asleep so the possibility of a Seer or Groups of Seers supplying them with their magic items but for what?” Lancaster says.

Dikastes speaks up “But if they’re asleep than how would they be able to use a magic item? I thought you had to be awake?” he flexes his hand “Owww!”

“Even though your hand is whole again Dikastes you probably shouldn’t move it around for awhile” the nun responding to the yelp of pain.

“I see.” Dikastes responds.

“Good question Dikastes but I’m afraid we might not have the time to find out.” Maccabee responds, “We tried to find out who they were and to not harm them like you wanted to do but their intententions were quite clear. And we will have to swallow our pride and call in the Guardians to investigate them, Lancaster do you think you can contact her?”

“Seriously you want me to pull a favor with her? Well I’ll try but just so you know she still kinda give me the creeps acting like some nymph or fairy without care in the world.”


“Well we should get going and sister I think you should transfer out to another location, I saw a priest in that pawn shop owners head.”

A Deadly Trap
We Survived!!!

While Alejandro Gonzales was recovering in the hospital, Jacob Bennet and Billy Staples decided to investigate Jason Alexander and company.

Floyd however ran into trouble getting arrested and ended up being taken to a warehouse and being interegated.

Investigating and tailing Officer Milton, our heroes stealthily entered the warehouse, dealing with magic therein.

They Rescued Floyd but found his memory has gaps, concerning gaps.

They have found an Item of mystical power But Billy gave it to Father Michaels for destruction.

Hopefully those mages will think twice before messing with them, with Alexander’s hand ruined.

Actions in The Dark
A Duo of Cutscenes

A slightly over weight man is at the computer, appearing to be engaged and intense in what he is doing.


Stephen Felt comes barging in,

“What?!” Lenny responds, " Oh by the way you have a little bit of blood showing on your face."

Felt wipes the blood of his face, “Busy night have you found out who took that body yet, the one that killed those two little novices yet?”

Lenny, still focusing on the computer, “Oh huh, what? Oh yeah that! I thought after I removed record of the body being found from their records you and Carlos were supposed to get the body… Oh hold on fighting Blood-Queen Lana’thel….”

“Sighh” Felt responds with a huff and goes over to the power chord and precedes to unplug the machine.

“Hey! What are you doing!” Lenny now actually responding with some emotion.

Felt looks on, “Good now you can pay attention, some one else got to the body before we did! Also I need you to go through and see if you can find anything about this ‘Sam. King of Summer’ and see who he is and if he exists, man that guy was delusional..”

Lenny, “Oh I see, so you think those guys screaming about that kid throwing sunlight didn’t lose it, by the way what happened to that guy we found anyways?”

Felt, “Don’t ask, and there appears to be a groups of the kine that know what we are, hopefully they’ll try to find Mark and take care of each other, or if they take him out maybe they can be sharpened to my tool.”

Lenny, “I see, well I’ll get right on it then…. Umm could you please plug my computer back in.”


“Maccabee I think we now found an actionable lead on these Aegis Kai Doru guys, we’ll find out if they’re Seers or Banishers and just where they are getting their magic from.”

“Oh, Dikastes your back I’m just trying to figure out what killed that Libertine.” Looking at the body on the table. "It seems to be wholly made by the Abyss as if all connection to the Supernal were cast out.

“Do you think it has something to do with what Dikastes saw?”

“Perhaps Lancaster, it is an odd event even if it boosts my abilities it seems it is not strong enough to pierce the connection that this creature has.”

Dikastes “You mean that aura of death I saw on the radio waves when I encountered that strange man?”

“Yes those are the ones, we need to find how they got there and fast.” Maccabee responds.

A New Hunter Emerges
The Cell needs better planning

The Cell decides to investigate this “Mark” while Jacob Bennet started investigating Jason Alexander as he was getting nervous at his work, his “spidey sense” was tingling as it where. Needing help the Aegis Kai Doru get Floyd Kant involved. Alejandro Gonzales officially joins the Ascending Ones through Doctor Oskar Oskarson.

Finding out that Mary Bitner was the victim of some kind of attack, Billy Staples decided to leave a message for whom he suspects was visiting her, Stephen Felt. Meeting him at a small sub sandwich shop, things went south quickly, with Jacob Bennet revealing some of the cells secrets and Billy Staples having an old addiction being reawakened within him, and Alejandro Gonzales needing some rest.

The decided to keep an eye on Stephen Felt but found confrontation at this time to be out of the question, they’ll need to strike when he is vulnerable. Alejandro Gonzales starts getting some information on Felt, and is secretly trying to set-up a more civil meeting with him.

The party decides to investigate the odd feeling that Jacob Bennet has been feeling and are now investigating Jason Alexander, William Boan and an Officer Milton.

The Games That Children Play or Was It Fairies part 2
Electric Boogaloo

Continuing where we last left our heroes they were at Mary Sue’s house staring into an empty house, Jacob Bennet attempted to use an ancient key to try to open the path oddly it refused to work… gaining a flash of insight Let The Wild Rumpus Begin they headed to [[Garfield Park to rescue Guillermo Ortez from Sam.

Arriving at the park equipped with A crowbar fire poker and tire iron it was oddly silent, odd hooting sounds emanating from within, they started their search, running into Guillermo Ortez but Billy Staples using his benedictions seeing the young boy as a thing made of sticks and stones. Trying to convince the boy to come to them he got spooked by more hooting and fled.

Continuing their pursuit they ran into Guillermo Ortez again, but Billy Staples saw him having an odd bird-like appearance, again trying to convince him to come with them he said “I can’t until my fetch is dead.” and again left, the hooting continued.

Following the hooting they came upon the slide, Billy seeing the slide oddly covered in flowers with ephemeral bird flitting around. They noticed Sam and Mary Sue looking on. Trying to figure out what exactly was going on Sam introduced himself as The King of Summer and bluffing they identified themselves as servants of Winter. Negotiations broke down and they came to blows forcing Sam to flee but not revealing exactly what was going on.

They decided to head to Jimmy Ortez’s house to see what was going on and see if they could find a lead. But first A priest a Mexican and a Cop walk into Walmart and bought as many crowbars and a package of shotgun shells, when asked what they were doing Alejandro Gonzales replied, “Umm Construction work..” Going to the house they found that Guillermo was there, deciding that it would be best to move them to a safe place, they moved him to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis where Father Michaels would then get them out of the state.

While Jacob and Alejandro moved Guillermo and Jimmy, Billy was moving to check-up upon Mary Bitner to see any other leads, she mentioned that a Mr. Felt came to see her looking for a Doctor Mark, when she said that she had not heard of him, Felt was said to have responded “Damn Monk”. Finding no information on Guillermo there he recieved a call from his cell-mates that they got the Wrong Guillermo and Father Michaels had “handled it” and that Jimmy was being moved to a safer place, jail…

Calling Jimmy’s home phone number Guillermo Ortez answered the call, wondering where is dad was. Calming him down and convincing him to hide in a safe spot, he explained being cpatured by a bird-like thing, being trapped in some nest of sorts, and escaping from that confinement, trying to return home and finding another him there, finding some friends and being introduced to Sam he said that Sam would help him return home. Leaving the party to wonder, was Sam the good guy all along?

Investigating back at Mary Sue’s house they investigated again, Jacob noting the odd den like feel of the home upon inspection, even though it from initial inspection looked normal enough. They also found a tree-house in the back yard, looking almost like a child’s fort with treasure maps and plastic pirate cswords, they found couple of note, in a child’s writing style, although it was using phrases from the 70’s in some areas. It detail how group of vampires was terrorizing an old folks home and they needed to be destroyed, it also mentioned Mary Bitner giving out extra homework on Fridays and how that was wrong and needed to be destroyed,leaving the party to wonder what sense of gradation Sam has.

After this event our brave hunters decided that they should practice some techniques to aid them in a fight (either during or fleeing from) and decided that Billy was the most “Tasty”, I mean most convincing to act as a lure for De-clawing and disappear tactics.

Network Zero Ghost Video
Trying to inform the world!!!!!!

Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!

The park at night has a sinister feel about it, at the slide “Sam” stands with young Ortez kept by to bully looking kids.

Another comes out of the shadows oddly looking like young Ortez, “Sam” speaks:

Welcome! We have brought the fetch and while I’m still King of Summer no fetch shall live, now I know it is not my season however this young member of The Court of Spring came to me for aid and I will uphold my oath.

He points to the held Ortez

We’ll give you a head start, think of it like hide and seek! We’ll count to 50 so you go run and hide and we’ll find you don’t worry…

They let Ortez go and nervous he starts running off after he get out of sight for a bit “Sam” says:

Let the Wild Rumpus begin!

And they set off after him.

Games That Children Play or Was it Fairies
Our Heroes look...

Billy Staples took an interest in Teacher Committed is Seeking Psychiatric Help due to the location where Mary Bitner was being held the IU Medical Center, believing that Stephen Felt or one of his ilk were involved. He lost that notion when posing as a spiritual healer/faith aid for Mary Bitner she revealed that it was a red-haired child with glowing blue eyes.

Jacob Bennet meanwhile tried to find out anything he could from the IPD files on anything involved with Mary Bitner. Jason Alexander who had helped the party in Super Natural Hunter of The Supernatural who had helped with removing/covering-up the death of The Thief. Later Bennet would find out that The Thief’s body never made into the morgue with Alexander being the prime suspect in it’s disappearance.

Billy went to Mary’s house looking for clues and saw a message written in the wall “Sam’s Will Be Done!” seeing scorch marks on the walls and furniture but no other leads

Alejandro being informed of what was happening doubted that the supernatural was involved up to the scorch marks on the wall. Getting in contact with one of his dealers Jimmy Ortez at Garfield Park he found out about a gang of kids whom the cell suspects is being headed by this Sam character, they also found that Jimmy has a son that goes by Billy, Guillermo Ortez.

Researching Fairies more Billy Staples found that they had not made an oath with Iron thus the party equipping themselves with A crowbar fire poker and tire iron they set out to confront the fair folk at their home, caused by the fact that a brunette-haired woman picked up “Sam” and their license plate lead to an obviously fake identity.

But when they were ready to go in they weren’t there and now young Billy Ortez is missing… Great, just great…

Teacher Committed is Seeking Psychiatric Help
Only One Week Till Finals

Teacher Mary Bitner at (School Name Removed) has taken a leave of absence, siting stress. When asked for comment:

“Please I won’t give out extra homework on Fridays, please let me go!”

Suspecting a threat it was asked who had threatened her, responding,

“A demon! A monster! Please get me out of here.”

She is now under the care of a Doctor Chambers at the IU Medical Center.

Haunted House of Hannah
Slave ghosts or Something else>

Hannah House Ghosts or is there something more to this story. Something doesn’t smell right and well everyone has heard of ghost stories, something is agitating these so called spirits more than what is considered “normal”. Latest news from Hannah House was that all the doors were blocked by furniture and all the Historic Items stacked in the center.

Other suspected sites may need to be investigated like Crown Hill Cemetery


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