New Indy World of Darkness

The Fate of Alejandro Gonzalez
Hey Buddy....

“How’s it going?”

Alejandro was in his safe house when his phone rang, the voice on the other end when he answered gave him shivers, he responds.


The voice of Stephen Felt continues,

“Oh don’t be that way, we’re pals right? And I wanted to thank you Doctor Mark decided to move else where, not quite a body but a win is a win right?”

Alejandro’s anger wells up,

“Billy’s dead you fiend, trying to kill this monster that was down there! My best friend is dead”

“Billy… Billy,” Felt sounding as if trying to remember something, “Oh yeah him! Well… sorry to hear about the loss, do you need to take something, I can hook you up?”

“No!” Alejandro yells into the phone, “No I’m fine!”

“Well okay buddy if you say so, oh by the way I did leave another sample for you to work on outside your shop and everything. It would be something that you want to work on right?” Felt asks

“Not right now” Alejandro lies, partially.

“Oh well guess I’ll see you later than.” Felt says, “andmaybegetsomeoneelse” mumbling quickly.

The Continuing Death of Billy Staples
A Tower of Stone and Lead...

Billy awakens….

The air is cold and still…

“Am I Alive?” “Did we defeat it?” Reaching up and grabbing the back of his head he feels a part of his brain.


Looking around him he sees darkness.. a tunnels light along the side with a large light near the end of it. Moving towards the light, Billy sees something that he hoped never to see again…

Headstones… Miles and miles of headstones, with a bleak gray sky, a tower in the distance…

“How did I get here?” panic starts to seep in, “Lord! Jesus! can you hear me!” he yells.

“Oh what are you yelling about? Oh it’s you! I didn’t expect to see you here, no wait you guys were pretty incompetent so maybe not… By the way you look terrible, drowning I guess although that blow to the head probably didn’t help.” A familiar voice sounding next to Billy…

Billy turns to look and sees Floyd Kant although he is on fire and looks to have several bullet wound on his face, both cheeks appear to be blown out.

“Floyd,” Billy says, “well at least your soul can move on now that we stopped the witchcraft that was consuming Indy.”

“The what with the what now?” Floyd asks, “By the way how did it end?”

“Oh, umm well we were investigating ”/campaign/new-indy-world-of-darkness/wikis/doctor-mark" class=“wiki-page-link”> Doctor Mark and then we ran into this, thing," Billy explained.

“A thing? Okay any idea on what it was?” Floyd asks,

“Ummm, I’m not sure, it had a fire within it, it was unfamiliar to me. Anyways we found Mark’s lair, it moved and we attacked it fled into a hole with water, and then everything’s black after that..” Billy continued explaining…

“Hmmm you know the Aegis had something like a stone heart you could hook up into an electrical system, some of the guys who had some of our more unique items said it glowed like a fire.. perhaps something related?” Floyd asks.

Billy concerned, asks Floyd. “I don’t know, but why are we here? Why haven’t we moved on?”

“Oh I don’t know.. for starters that tower over there,” points to the stone tower, “I looked in there and I found some things I don’t like and according to what Bennet tells me we need to move into the coin to move on, but I found names in that tower, thousands and thousands of names, but one makes me pause to move on, Billy, a ”/campaigns/new-indy-world-of-darkness/characters/94538" class=“wiki-content-link”>William Boan was signed into that tower. I’m not having anything to do with it now…"

Billy asking shocked. “What Boan’s name is on there? And wait did you say you talked to Bennet?”

“Oh why do you ask? We died about the same time? Bennet!” Floyd starts looking confused and calls for Jacob Bennet

Compared to what Floyd looks like and what Billy imagines himself to look like, Bennet looks relatively the same, sure those gashes from the crowbars are till there, and that bump on the head looks pretty nasty, but other than that looks like Bennet..

“Yeah” Bennet says, Billy is shocked to see Bennet here, “What, what happened to you?” Billy asks amazed.

“Those mages got me you bastard! If you hadn’t have left we would have got them one by one! And know those mage bastards are keeping me here! Something about how I’m missing part of my soul and can’t move on, that’s why Floyd and I went to the tower in the first place but after finding out that I couldn’t moved on we tried to figure it out.”

Billy is standing there, shocked but not surprised at Bennet’s anger, but he felt he needed to tell him about his fate, perhaps it would help him move on Billy thought. So he began, “I don’t know how to exactly explain this to you Bennet, but ummm your a vampire now, specifically we believe that ”/campaigns/new-indy-world-of-darkness/characters/stephen-felt" class=“wiki-content-link”>Stephen Felt turned you."

“What?! How? When? I….I…” Bennet’s anger seems to have abated but he is now collapsed on the “ground” mumbling to himself.

“Really! So that’s why you were surprised about Bennet being here!” Floyd says in a kind of an aha! moment.

“Yes, well we should figure something out… we’ll get there…” Billy says, more to reassure himself than either Floyd or Bennet…

The Lonely Death of Billy Staples
A shining light extinguished

Our hunter cell recovering from the scare they had last night in House have decided to move against Doctor Mark during the day, where they know he lairs somewhere within Bloomington Hospital.

The two agents, Nielsen and Frank, moved to investigate during the day, with Billy and Alejandro waiting again, just in case.

While there our two agents found a person of interest and wanted to separate him for questioning. A homeless man walking in a daze entered. As they were leaving they heard a loud bang, an explosion occurred. Checking the scene with Alejandro and Billy in tow they found that the explosion was more targeted and lead into the sewers.

Steeling themselves they made the plunge into it’s stench, hoping to find the vampires lair and end their villainy forever. Going along the tunnel they started hearing a cacophony of noises and voices, random in direction and sense.

Coming upon a break into the tunnel it split in several directions but Brother Billy Staples saw a tunnel that was being masked by a “wall”. Our hunters moved forward slowly investigating the strange tunnel they found strange markings on the wall, which Alejandro Gonzales could read as alchemy symbols but they weren’t part of an equation, more they felt like they were trying to convey a message, exactly what it was trying to say was unknown.

Noticing a large misshapen “Thing” moving up from the water to the tunnel. Billy seeing some kind of burning radiance within it, unfamiliar to him said a prayer and threw his heart wood stake at it dealing a massive blow. Roaring and crying in pain it summoned a tendril of mud and muck going into Billy’s mouth dealing a painful blow and causing him to chock in pain. Rushing past it disappeared into the hand carved cavern.

Investigating further, following this beasts trail they found the lair of the vampires and the beast, but the vampires were not seen following the beasts trail to a murky pool of water, the hunters were divided. While Frank, Nielsen, and Alejandro wanted to investigate the rest of the rooms and find as many clues as possible, Billy wanted to pursue the the beast and end it. Braving himself he went alone….

The rest of the hunters found a shrine to an unknown woman, as well as a diary… while debating whether to go in after Billy they saw his cold, wet, lifeless body come up to the pool, his head was bashed in.

Mourning the loss of his friend Alejandro was getting depressed and aggressive. Frank and Nielsen decided that using the Munin Serum on him would be best, however Alejandro would have none of that. Resisting and fleeing, he has gone low in the shadows….

Dr. Mark is in.

Our hunters recovering from Bullets Killed The Radio Star decided they should take on Doctor Mark, his lair being inside the Bloomington Hospital somewhere. This was spurred on by Agent Frank receiving a message from a bellhop giving him a message of, “Hey buddy, where is Mark?”

The hunters were divided in how to exactly approach the problem, most wanting to wait and recover but Alejandro Gonzales being a man of action decided to investigate the hospital himself. Trying to pose as a person who was considering suicide as his plan for entrance, he ran into problems when they tried to first to keep him there, second when they tried to put a tracking device upon him when he wanted to leave. It took the combined efforts of Brother Billy Staples and Juan Goldberger to get Alejandro out without causing too much trouble.

Getting together as a group, they decide to investigate the doctors, to see if anything stands out. Starting with the head doctor Doctor Reese they found that he is not Doctor Reese but Richard Geoffries and is older, a lot older than he appears. Finding photos that suspiciously look a lot like him from the late 1800’s. Red flags aroused, they decided to investigate further.

Agent Frank and Agent Nielsen followed up with the Doctor Reese lead, getting materials to have a fake cold-case murder investigation that crossed state lines, as their way to investigate the hospital. They first investigated in the day, where they met Dr. Reese, who seemed cordial, nice and willing to let them investigate other staff members. They found a patient and a nurse who had described a black haired, bulging blue-eyed individual who was only seen at night. They suspect Doctor Mark.

Going back to interview the night shift, with Alejandro and Billy waiting outside just in case. Thing started off normally until the power went out, then when the doors wouldn’t open, except for a service door which Alejandro and Billy used to enter the hospital. wondering in the dark with fear overwhelming them as they heard plaintive cries for help. Eventually finding the body of a nurse who had been interviewed in the morning investigation, they decided best to find an exit.

Finding themselves near the roof door, they had encountered while waiting there what appeared to be the head nurse. A tense standoff occurred as the hunters argued among themselves as to what to do. Eventually seeing through the disguise, Billy saw a man with no eyes instead of the head nurse. She/he vanished into the wall.

Eventaully the power came back on as they than moved to safety of a larger area where they would less likely be grabbed by hands coming out of the walls if any. Alejandro than started to feel compelled to enter the basement the party trying to stop him managed to successfully handcuff and tie up his legs when they felt the overwhelming urge to runaway, leaving Alejandro behind and Alejandro being conflicted in what he wanted to do. Seeing a Doctor, with balding black hair and bulging blue eyes he first fired but then felt compelled to listen to the doctor as he was a patient in the hospital. Hearing the gun shot and finding their resolved the rest of our hunters went back, unfortunately falling under the same compulsion that Alejandro was under, to treat this creature of the night as a doctor and to follow all the written and unwritten rules of protocol, they barely got Alejandro to safety, pulling out documentation that allowed him to leave under the care of Billy and the church.

If they are to attack again maybe they should have listened to Felt’s advise and do the blindingly obvious, attack during the day….

Bullets Killed The Radio Star
we can't rewind we've gone to far

Starting with their nerves frayed over the events of Last Time they were going to investigate the radio waves after a long debate, apparently carrying the power of death through it, somehow… while Agent Nielsen went back to Washington to request additional support and explain what happened…

Finding the Antenna, Brother Billy Staples saw that it looked like a large stone tower with a metal base, as opposed to an antenna tower, investigating the station they found it oddly empty, hearing chanting from within, they quickly called Agent Frank and moved in.

Seeing a group of four people, in robes chanting, Billy was confused not sure what to do but could clearly see the taint of evil emanating from them and their death-like appearance disturbing, but they seemed not to notice him. Alejandro and Frank moved in and while Alejandro was fine Frank began reliving some of the horrors he experienced in the middle east, paralyzed with fear. Not knowing what to do, Billy shoved one of the Cultists over, thus getting their attention. Agent Nielsen makes it back to Indy from Washington and has finished renting his car.

The fight than began in earnest, launching black screaming skulls and summoning a large floating skull from the floor, leading Billy to think “Most Metal enemies ever!” especially in the fight after Agent Frank managed to pull himself out of his fears and started fighting back the exits were being blocked by tombstones, eerily later it was found that the four nearest tombstones match the names of the cultists. Agent Nielsen also added his side arm to the fight as well, with Billy landing a decisive blow, saying thus Lord Bless This Piece of Concrete and so doing smote The Lord’s enemies ruin so, eventually our brave hunters managed to defeat the cult leader, one John Mckaskill.

However upon defeat the tombstones were still up, and The Spirit of The Radio still kicking, managing to look outside Billy saw miles of headstones, mausoleums, and felt a cold still wind. Calling on their respective allies to clean up/get them out, they moved back to the radio tower antenna, Billy still seeing a large stone tower wit ha metal base, now with a large ancient looking coin atop with an equally ancient king on it face, similar to the ones that he saw Jacob Bennet use a few times.

Finding that both the High Voltage box and the adjoining building were used in a ritual that tried (and apparently was successful somehow) of bringing the Tower of The Lead Coin from the Realm of The Dead into our existence, for what reason Mckaskill thought that would be a good idea is not known. Breaking the rituals at all three locations seemed to have little effect but perhaps it was enough to allow Jason Alexander to separate realities back to where they needed to be, if it was him that was the shining light moving towards the tower….

Last Time
on New Indy World of Darkness

We begin with Alejandro Gonzales and Brother Billy Staples trying again to find out more about the graves of Jacob Bennet and Bridgette Alexander at Crown Hill Cemetery. Billy going in the morning met with Jason Alexander praying at his sister’s grave, a conversation ensued, leading to Billy finding out about an aura of death and being told to stay out of the way, Jason would try to keep his friends from killing them. Later returning in the evening to investigate Bennet’s grave, with shovels this time! Billy using the powers of his faith noticed something else besides the assumed zombies, large hulking, wolf-like forms in the Twilight, their howls suddenly paralyzing him in fear, he starting to babble about running away, which they preceded to do so.

Later they met up with Agent Frank and Agent Nielsen when both Billy and Alejandro met with some strange incidents involving jazz music, Alejandro saw a car move into oncoming traffic and crash in front of his shop, while Billy with Agents Frank and Nielsen stopped Ben Roethlisberger (he get confused for the NFL player all the time.) from killing himself. Both found that both the victims were dealing with large amounts of stress and perhaps even severe depression before trying to kill themselves and the only thing linking them is the odd jazz music that was playing. Each going for their radios they started scanning the airwaves, each kind of picking up the station but between signals and never in the same area, and with a lot of interference. The Agents had the most success triangulating the signal in Westfield, a specific tower couldn’t be identified. In addition they found that a radio DJ had gone missing about a year ago, a John Mckaskill.

Deciding that a near full disclosure was needed the agents set a meeting with Alejandro and Billy, their only two contacts that know of the supernatural and had been dealing with the local threats, if they were to find out and combat effectively, they needed to know more, so met at a Denny’s to discuss. Finding out as much as possible Billy began to become suspicious of Alejandro, he doesn’t know what, but he is unsure of what Alejandro is up to and it makes him nervous.

Later that evening the two agents met with an officer claiming to be an Officer Johnson outside their hotel room door, asking questions about a Stephen Felt, when they said they didn’t know seeming to belief them gave them a number to contact if they find anything and left. Running a search on the badge number gave a “Detective Jacob Bennet” and suspicions aroused began first to fortify themselves in their room for awhile before making an attempt to leave. Upon going out the back exit they believed they were being followed when the service door they left through stayed open for a little bit longer than what it should have been. Quickly tossing their UV Grenade and running. Calling Billy they decided to seek safety in the church, hailing a cab they went downtown to the archdiocese while Billy called Alejandro. Revealing that they might have met Jacob Bennet they prepared their defenses as best they could and set up watch, while uneventful in the beginning Alejandro and Nielsen were just too tired to stay awake in the second phase. Upon awaking they found themselves to be a little sluggish but the computer and files briefcase of Nielsen’s was tampered with. Alejandro had a message “Where is Mark’s Body?”

They are deciding which doors they have opened need closing….

A Strange Fate
The continuing Death of Jacob Bennet

Jacob Bennet awoke to something sweet going into his mouth and a sudden hunger consuming him.

Eyes seeing red he saw a person and leaps toward them, he thought he heard a muffled scream.

As his vision starts to clear of the redness he see a blond haired woman in front of him.

“Hey buddy! Glad to see your back to umm your regular dead self I guess.”

Turning around he sees Stephen Felt standing next to a headstone with ‘Jacob Bennet’ on it. He wants to feel anger but instead is feeling happiness, the same as if meeting a beloved family member. “I’m dead?”

“Well yes that was unfortunate, I’d intended to make you pay me back for making my life a little difficult in another way, seeings how you started to have the police look into me, couldn’t have that. But I’m a believer in karma so this works to, in fact I’ve even got you a gift..” Points to dead woman.

“Who is she?”

“Look for some I.D.”

Looking for I.D. he finds a name of Bridgette Alexander, if it were possible Bennet would feel the blood draining from his face. “How?…”

“Oh when you mentioned Jason there I figured I’d need something to keep you, if what you say is true than your going to need help. Besides you want revenge don’t you? You’ll need my help for that as you won’t last very long on your own, besides we’re family now!”

“I….I don’t know, I’m … Why … Why can’t I hate you?”

“Oh that well can’t give the tool too much freedom to start can we? I want you to solve the police problem you caused me, I’m sure you can handle that.”

Jacob Bennet tries with all his strength to summon his rage and strike Felt but it suddenly something clicks in his mind “Aaaaah!” he slumps down in pain, still feeling that love that he knows his fake. He starts to say no, but something creeks out instead “Yes…”

“Good! Well than first step is filling your grave back up! Carlos!”

Bennet sees what appears to be a young man, 18 maybe 21, walk up what is notable is the combat bot and the rifle he has strapped to him, an M1917 ‘American Enfield’ rifle, in pretty good condition too. You see behind him a truck that has some rolls of sod in it. He also has a few shovels. Bennet sees several other people behind Carlos with shovels, he sees their blood, they are kind of in a daze.

Carlos says to Felt “We need to hurry this up.”

“Fine, well Bennet start shoveling.”

Feebly reaching out for the shovel he starts to fill in his own grave.

“Maybe later you can tell me about your other friends..”

“Arrgh!” Bennet struggles and falls over again.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve got plenty of time.”

New Candles Lit
A sad night...

We start with our hunters Billy and Alejandro finding out about Floyd’s warrant, they decided to lay low.

Moving to Jacob Bennet he find himself in an interrogation room with Officer Milton. As he was saying no I want my lawyer, Jacob’s hand started moving on it’s own to sign a confession. In a desperate bid to stop himself he managed to fall out of his chair that didn’t stop him, so he banged his head on the table, presumably leading to a seizure causing his death. After being investigated with the video and their forensic team led by William Boan found no other injuries and concluded that it was a seizure caused by the severe blunt trauma to the head, the video confirmed this showing Bennet suddenly jerking and acting erratically with Milton getting up to try and help him but not reacting fast enough to catch him before his head hit the table. The video has Milton trying to keep Bennet on his side and his airways open, a while later medics come in and check him, they are shaking their heads no. Bennet was buried at Crown Hill Cemetery.

Going back to Billy and Alejandro find out about the death of Bennet and another person, a young woman, Bridgette Alexander whose throat was slashed open savagely, near the grave of Bennet.

Floyd on the run tried to figure out how to get out of the state, country if he had to. Moving back to a known safe house, he found it empty, hiding low for a few days, cut off from his allies, he was scavenging and listening to the radio, it was a pretty good jazz station, the DJ seemed to be talking to him, making so much sense. While playing another somber jazz tune, he decided that burning down the house and ending it all was a good idea. He was a really poor shot but eventually got his wish, radio playing in the background.

Finding out the death of to “ummm acquaintances” Billy and Alejandro decide to investigate suspecting foul play from the triad of Mages they have encountered. Starting with the burned downed house they encountered two other suspicious characters, an Agent Frank and Agent Nielsen who were asking questions claiming to be FBI, although Billy was suspicious of that fact, but not wanting to cause any trouble decided to investigate the grave site.

Finding themselves at Crown Hill Cemetery Billy and Alejandro both managed to find themselves in Twilight.. they think. Finding the horrors of civil war “zombies” in this place they found themselves next to the headstone of Bridgette Alexander, oddly protecting them and allowing for their escape. While there in this “Twilight Zone” Bennet’s body was not in it’s grave.

The following day the two Agents followed up on the suspected mages that Billy had told them not to trust, interviewing each of them in turn, they seemed trustworthy and their story as to what has been happening pretty tight. Following up with Billy at the Archdiocese of Indianapolis they decided to have a more complete discussion of what they knew although both were still holding back. What they both learned that the other group accepts that the supernatural exists, an uneasy beginning.

Alejandro also tested the “goods” that Felt had sent him, so far seems harmless…

A Young Woman Found Murdered
News You Can Use

Police are currently looking for another suspect for questioning in the brutal murder of Grace Evans, of Castleton, who was found by Officer Milton.

“Yeah I can’t believe that one of our own was there, we are still questioning him.”

Authorities are looking for a Floyd Kant seen fleeing the seen as Milton was apprehending the other suspect.

Picture of Floyd Kant appears on the TV screen.

You can call Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-8477 if you have any information. Floyd Kant is believed to be dangerous so if you see him call the police immediately.

“Well Crap” Jacob Bennet thinks to himself hearing the TV from his cell…

Dealing With Devils
The Cell Fractured?

Our brave hunters were recovering from their first confrontation with some cabal of mages. While resting and going about their respective days. Then Jacob Bennet’s car hydroplaned in a puddle of water. Luckily Bennet was unharmed but then a series of other “unfortunate events” started happening to Bennet, Kant, and Staples.

While they were dealing with this “deviltry” Alejandro Gonzales was dealing with another kind of devil, Stephen Felt. Alejandro was looking to get new materials to “enhance” his products and to give Felt a way up to the north side, in exchange for this Felt wanted a “fuedal lord” Mark removed, he did not particularly care how. They sealed their agreement by partaking in some of Felt’s “product”.

Meanwhile the hunters were trying to deal with their case of extremely bad luck and decided to cut it off at the source, whom they believed to be a blond haired, blue eyed woman thanks to Bennet’s coins. They called her Sarah. Believing they were getting in contact with “her”, they confronted “her” at a base ball field, convincing Alejandro to come along wtih them after he had just finished opening a box sent to him by Felt that had a strange red, ichor like liquid in vials for him to use.

Failing to negotiate with “her” an epic combat ensued were our noble hunters were successful in the thought to be last moments, one could say shining brightly in the darkness before being snuffed out. Upon investigating her body, she was wearing what appeared to be baseball gear, including a jersey but figuring out the team or organization was hard to tell. Billy found an odd gem which appeared to have a screaming person within it on her person. Than Kant and Bennet started acting lucid and where beginning to shoot her corpse and starting to chop of her head, Billy and Alejandro left. Continuing the assault on the corpse Kant and Bennet were stopped by Officer Milton and his partner. Bennet was arrested while Kant made is escape.

What now will happen to our heroes?


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