Brother Billy Staples

Former drug-using guitarist saved by the Catholic Church.

Mental Physical Social
Intelligence 3 Strength 2 Presence 3
Wits 2 Dexterity 2 Manipulation 3
Resolve 2 Stamina 2 Composure 2
Mental Physical Social
Academics (Religion) 2 Weaponry (Improvised) 2 Expression (Guitar) 3
Investigation 1 Larceny 2 Persuasion 3
Medicine 1 Survival (Street) 1 Socialize 1
Occult 3 Streetwise 2
Subterfuge (Spotting Lies) 2

Artist (craft/expression) 1

Contacts: Bear (biker/roadie/sound tech)


Status 1 (Malleus Maleficarum)

Status 1 (Catholic Church)


Allies (Criminal) 1

Mentor 2 (Father Michaels)

Benedictions 2
-True Sight of St. Abel
-Hands of St. Luke
-Wrath Sword of St. Michael
-Armor of St. Martin

Moral Support

Weapons: Bag o’ Iron Crossbars, Switchblade, Railroad Spike, Wooden Stake, Mallet, Baseball Bat

Equipment: Electric Guitar, Portable Amp, Band T-Shirts, Monk’s Robes, Messenger Bag, Catholic Ritual Sacraments, Holy Water

Health: 7

Willpower: 4

Morality: 7

Size: 5

Speed: 8

Initiative Mod: 4

Defense: 2

Armor: 0

XP: 8


He was born in southern LA, formed first band in high school. Dropped out junior year and spent the next six years commuting between Portland and LA, doing drugs, drinking, and playing in various bands.

Moved to Indianapolis a year ago to follow his lady-friend Bethany Butcher as she joined the Circle City Roller Girls. The breakup was messy and sent Billy into a burn-out state of drug and alcohol abuse. It was during this time he fell in with the criminal underbelly to help support his habits.

Six months ago, while stoned in an alley, he was attacked by a vampire but was defended by Father Michaels, who took him into the Archdioceses of Indianapolis. It is there he’s begun his learning as both a hunter in Malleus Maleficarum, as as a Catholic monk.

He met his current hunting party when he was meeting with his former supplier, Alejandro, to tell him that was he no longer taking drugs. They were interrupted by Detective Bennet, who was then in turn interrupted by a vampire, who the three dispatched. Billy was let free by Bennet. The three have been in contact about supernatural happenings, as Billy’s hunter training now has him going into the field.

Brother Billy Staples

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