Alejandro Gonzales

Former Mexican Farmer turned mechanic and drug runner


Faction: Ascending Ones

Mental Physical Social
Intelligence 2 Strength 2 Presence 2
Wits 2 Dexterity 4 Manipulation 1
Resolve 3 Stamina 2 Composure 3
Mental Physical Social
Craft (Mechanic) 3 Firearms (Shotguns)4 Streetwise 3
Investigation 1 Larceny (Drug Running)2 Intimidation 2
Medicine 1 Weaponry (Knives) 2 Subterfuge 2
Drive 3


Language (English 2) Spanish Natural

Safe House: Size 1; Secrecy 2; Trap 1

Status 1 (Ascending Ones)

Profession (Laborer) 1 (Rote Actions to Craft and Athletics) -Contact: Smuggler Tactics:



Health: 7

Willpower: 6

Morality: 5

Size: 5

Speed: 11

Initiative Mod: 7

Defense: 2

Armor: 0

Virtue/Vice: Temperance/Wrath

Xp: 8


Believes the supernatural follows him.

Motivation for hunting:

Alejandro seeks out the supernatural in hopes of being able to distill it. What is it that allows the supernatural to be, well, super? Is there some essence to it? From a more entrepreneurial side, is there a way to lace his drugs with it to provide better highs, to keep his clients coming back to him.

In the same fashion, this is how he connected with the Ascending Ones. For centuries, longer even, they have been striving to quantify the supernatural through alchemical formulas and potions. Alejandro is hardly the first to see the lucrative business side of this, and hardly the first in the order to recognize this. He has made through his time as a dealer, he has come in contact with a few of these individuals, and is just new starting to see that there is a much larger pool than the small corner he has dipped his foot into.

Alejandro Gonzales

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