New Indy World of Darkness

They Took Her From Me!


Our Hunters after successfully protecting a young girl named Maggie moved outside when a terrible moaning sound was heard.

Meeting up with two other hunters, they decided to pursue the beast into it’s sewer home after determining where it ran off too.

Creeping up slowly in the sewer they heard the sad, mournful sobs of the creature “They took her from me, I was in love and now she’s gone!” it cried.

The beast appeared to be talking to someone, “Don’t worry it will be okay we’re here for you.” a soothing voice says, which agent Frank can identify as Doctor Mark. Hearing other voices, Alejandro’s voice “That’s right” than Billy Staples “don’t worry, we got this.”

Afraid they decided to come back in the day.

Coming back in the day, they began exploring the sewers anew, in there they again found a passage with strange symbols upon it, and Agent Frank familiar with what happened last time with Billy, attempted to walk through the wall. He was successful but was soon overwhelmed by the power of the scary door and fled not wanting anything to do with it. Systematically the other hunters succumbed to the doors frightful presence.

But all is not lost, they have a new lead by their protestant friend, who stayed at a church and through his ability to see sin, found great sin there as well as evil at it’s altar.



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