New Indy World of Darkness

The Games That Children Play or Was It Fairies part 2

Electric Boogaloo

Continuing where we last left our heroes they were at Mary Sue’s house staring into an empty house, Jacob Bennet attempted to use an ancient key to try to open the path oddly it refused to work… gaining a flash of insight Let The Wild Rumpus Begin they headed to [[Garfield Park to rescue Guillermo Ortez from Sam.

Arriving at the park equipped with A crowbar fire poker and tire iron it was oddly silent, odd hooting sounds emanating from within, they started their search, running into Guillermo Ortez but Billy Staples using his benedictions seeing the young boy as a thing made of sticks and stones. Trying to convince the boy to come to them he got spooked by more hooting and fled.

Continuing their pursuit they ran into Guillermo Ortez again, but Billy Staples saw him having an odd bird-like appearance, again trying to convince him to come with them he said “I can’t until my fetch is dead.” and again left, the hooting continued.

Following the hooting they came upon the slide, Billy seeing the slide oddly covered in flowers with ephemeral bird flitting around. They noticed Sam and Mary Sue looking on. Trying to figure out what exactly was going on Sam introduced himself as The King of Summer and bluffing they identified themselves as servants of Winter. Negotiations broke down and they came to blows forcing Sam to flee but not revealing exactly what was going on.

They decided to head to Jimmy Ortez’s house to see what was going on and see if they could find a lead. But first A priest a Mexican and a Cop walk into Walmart and bought as many crowbars and a package of shotgun shells, when asked what they were doing Alejandro Gonzales replied, “Umm Construction work..” Going to the house they found that Guillermo was there, deciding that it would be best to move them to a safe place, they moved him to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis where Father Michaels would then get them out of the state.

While Jacob and Alejandro moved Guillermo and Jimmy, Billy was moving to check-up upon Mary Bitner to see any other leads, she mentioned that a Mr. Felt came to see her looking for a Doctor Mark, when she said that she had not heard of him, Felt was said to have responded “Damn Monk”. Finding no information on Guillermo there he recieved a call from his cell-mates that they got the Wrong Guillermo and Father Michaels had “handled it” and that Jimmy was being moved to a safer place, jail…

Calling Jimmy’s home phone number Guillermo Ortez answered the call, wondering where is dad was. Calming him down and convincing him to hide in a safe spot, he explained being cpatured by a bird-like thing, being trapped in some nest of sorts, and escaping from that confinement, trying to return home and finding another him there, finding some friends and being introduced to Sam he said that Sam would help him return home. Leaving the party to wonder, was Sam the good guy all along?

Investigating back at Mary Sue’s house they investigated again, Jacob noting the odd den like feel of the home upon inspection, even though it from initial inspection looked normal enough. They also found a tree-house in the back yard, looking almost like a child’s fort with treasure maps and plastic pirate cswords, they found couple of note, in a child’s writing style, although it was using phrases from the 70’s in some areas. It detail how group of vampires was terrorizing an old folks home and they needed to be destroyed, it also mentioned Mary Bitner giving out extra homework on Fridays and how that was wrong and needed to be destroyed,leaving the party to wonder what sense of gradation Sam has.

After this event our brave hunters decided that they should practice some techniques to aid them in a fight (either during or fleeing from) and decided that Billy was the most “Tasty”, I mean most convincing to act as a lure for De-clawing and disappear tactics.



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