New Indy World of Darkness

The Continuing Death of Billy Staples

A Tower of Stone and Lead...

Billy awakens….

The air is cold and still…

“Am I Alive?” “Did we defeat it?” Reaching up and grabbing the back of his head he feels a part of his brain.


Looking around him he sees darkness.. a tunnels light along the side with a large light near the end of it. Moving towards the light, Billy sees something that he hoped never to see again…

Headstones… Miles and miles of headstones, with a bleak gray sky, a tower in the distance…

“How did I get here?” panic starts to seep in, “Lord! Jesus! can you hear me!” he yells.

“Oh what are you yelling about? Oh it’s you! I didn’t expect to see you here, no wait you guys were pretty incompetent so maybe not… By the way you look terrible, drowning I guess although that blow to the head probably didn’t help.” A familiar voice sounding next to Billy…

Billy turns to look and sees Floyd Kant although he is on fire and looks to have several bullet wound on his face, both cheeks appear to be blown out.

“Floyd,” Billy says, “well at least your soul can move on now that we stopped the witchcraft that was consuming Indy.”

“The what with the what now?” Floyd asks, “By the way how did it end?”

“Oh, umm well we were investigating ”/campaign/new-indy-world-of-darkness/wikis/doctor-mark" class=“wiki-page-link”> Doctor Mark and then we ran into this, thing," Billy explained.

“A thing? Okay any idea on what it was?” Floyd asks,

“Ummm, I’m not sure, it had a fire within it, it was unfamiliar to me. Anyways we found Mark’s lair, it moved and we attacked it fled into a hole with water, and then everything’s black after that..” Billy continued explaining…

“Hmmm you know the Aegis had something like a stone heart you could hook up into an electrical system, some of the guys who had some of our more unique items said it glowed like a fire.. perhaps something related?” Floyd asks.

Billy concerned, asks Floyd. “I don’t know, but why are we here? Why haven’t we moved on?”

“Oh I don’t know.. for starters that tower over there,” points to the stone tower, “I looked in there and I found some things I don’t like and according to what Bennet tells me we need to move into the coin to move on, but I found names in that tower, thousands and thousands of names, but one makes me pause to move on, Billy, a ”/campaigns/new-indy-world-of-darkness/characters/94538" class=“wiki-content-link”>William Boan was signed into that tower. I’m not having anything to do with it now…"

Billy asking shocked. “What Boan’s name is on there? And wait did you say you talked to Bennet?”

“Oh why do you ask? We died about the same time? Bennet!” Floyd starts looking confused and calls for Jacob Bennet

Compared to what Floyd looks like and what Billy imagines himself to look like, Bennet looks relatively the same, sure those gashes from the crowbars are till there, and that bump on the head looks pretty nasty, but other than that looks like Bennet..

“Yeah” Bennet says, Billy is shocked to see Bennet here, “What, what happened to you?” Billy asks amazed.

“Those mages got me you bastard! If you hadn’t have left we would have got them one by one! And know those mage bastards are keeping me here! Something about how I’m missing part of my soul and can’t move on, that’s why Floyd and I went to the tower in the first place but after finding out that I couldn’t moved on we tried to figure it out.”

Billy is standing there, shocked but not surprised at Bennet’s anger, but he felt he needed to tell him about his fate, perhaps it would help him move on Billy thought. So he began, “I don’t know how to exactly explain this to you Bennet, but ummm your a vampire now, specifically we believe that ”/campaigns/new-indy-world-of-darkness/characters/stephen-felt" class=“wiki-content-link”>Stephen Felt turned you."

“What?! How? When? I….I…” Bennet’s anger seems to have abated but he is now collapsed on the “ground” mumbling to himself.

“Really! So that’s why you were surprised about Bennet being here!” Floyd says in a kind of an aha! moment.

“Yes, well we should figure something out… we’ll get there…” Billy says, more to reassure himself than either Floyd or Bennet…



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