New Indy World of Darkness

The Apartments

...of Rats!

While researching the strange device and a new spell Jeb Stuart and Professor Bill Clark decided that it would be best to look at animal shelters for suspected Mage activity. Figuring it be an easy place to hide sacrifices for mana and that their devil-powered foes would naturally be there.

Going to the shelter they found that both Thomas and Robert who volunteered there had the “devil’s aura” around them. Investigating them they seemed to be doing two things, building a hallow or some sort of build-up of energy within the animal shelter and investigating a run-down apartment complex.

Investigating further they found that something odd is happening at the low rent apartment. Rats or rat spirits the Bashilu as Jeb heard them identified them. Apparently the Mages are associated with some sort of democratic movement but were told to research more, however they are becoming suspicious of our “heroes” and so they are going to move.



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