New Indy World of Darkness

Super Natural Hunter of The Supernatural

The Thief is dead?

Alajandro Gonzales Billy Staples and Jacob Bennet with the aid of FBI Agent Jason Alexander investigated the disappearance of Two College Students Missing and the death of Ryan.

Investigating the initial crime scene they found out that was a suspected Mage and Shaman wielding a boom mic that is believed to be enchanted…somehow and for what purpose is unknown. William Boan pointed out a digital camera showing grisly death at the hands of a clawed assailant.

While investigating the apartment where the two students lived they encountered presumed vampire Stephen Felt initially seen as trustworthy it is unknown what his involvement with the students was beyond drugs but was considered separate from the incident.

Following Alajandro Gonzales release from prison they had him work his connections to try and find out more about Stephen Felt, what is known was that Carlos Jones was the liaison between Felt and the Cartel that Alejandro runs drugs for.

Jason and William suspected that the assailant was moving in a northeast pattern towards Noblesville based on the victims following that lead our Hunters split up and started cruising the neighborhood. Billy Staples heard a woman scream and investigated. Activating his Benedictions in order to see what was going on, The Assailant was identified as The Thief did not stand out although the one being chased was oddly wolf-like in appearance. Wisely calling for back-up Billy tried to distract the monster(s) with his expert guitar skills. The woman ran through a wall and The Thief angry started to walk away. It is unknown if it appreciated the rocking rendition of Jesus Loves Me but eventually by the phone call and the guitar playing the hunters were able to find Billy. They laid the beast down, so what was it, why was it hunting supernatural creatures and what are we going to do with the body?



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