New Indy World of Darkness

New Candles Lit

A sad night...

We start with our hunters Billy and Alejandro finding out about Floyd’s warrant, they decided to lay low.

Moving to Jacob Bennet he find himself in an interrogation room with Officer Milton. As he was saying no I want my lawyer, Jacob’s hand started moving on it’s own to sign a confession. In a desperate bid to stop himself he managed to fall out of his chair that didn’t stop him, so he banged his head on the table, presumably leading to a seizure causing his death. After being investigated with the video and their forensic team led by William Boan found no other injuries and concluded that it was a seizure caused by the severe blunt trauma to the head, the video confirmed this showing Bennet suddenly jerking and acting erratically with Milton getting up to try and help him but not reacting fast enough to catch him before his head hit the table. The video has Milton trying to keep Bennet on his side and his airways open, a while later medics come in and check him, they are shaking their heads no. Bennet was buried at Crown Hill Cemetery.

Going back to Billy and Alejandro find out about the death of Bennet and another person, a young woman, Bridgette Alexander whose throat was slashed open savagely, near the grave of Bennet.

Floyd on the run tried to figure out how to get out of the state, country if he had to. Moving back to a known safe house, he found it empty, hiding low for a few days, cut off from his allies, he was scavenging and listening to the radio, it was a pretty good jazz station, the DJ seemed to be talking to him, making so much sense. While playing another somber jazz tune, he decided that burning down the house and ending it all was a good idea. He was a really poor shot but eventually got his wish, radio playing in the background.

Finding out the death of to “ummm acquaintances” Billy and Alejandro decide to investigate suspecting foul play from the triad of Mages they have encountered. Starting with the burned downed house they encountered two other suspicious characters, an Agent Frank and Agent Nielsen who were asking questions claiming to be FBI, although Billy was suspicious of that fact, but not wanting to cause any trouble decided to investigate the grave site.

Finding themselves at Crown Hill Cemetery Billy and Alejandro both managed to find themselves in Twilight.. they think. Finding the horrors of civil war “zombies” in this place they found themselves next to the headstone of Bridgette Alexander, oddly protecting them and allowing for their escape. While there in this “Twilight Zone” Bennet’s body was not in it’s grave.

The following day the two Agents followed up on the suspected mages that Billy had told them not to trust, interviewing each of them in turn, they seemed trustworthy and their story as to what has been happening pretty tight. Following up with Billy at the Archdiocese of Indianapolis they decided to have a more complete discussion of what they knew although both were still holding back. What they both learned that the other group accepts that the supernatural exists, an uneasy beginning.

Alejandro also tested the “goods” that Felt had sent him, so far seems harmless…



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