New Indy World of Darkness


Things may have gotten worse

“Sister” a man says while knocking on the door of a large church.

“Open up please!” Another man says..

“Owwww, my hand…”

“Don’t worry Dikastes” Lancaster says, “We’ll get you up again, Sister!” knocking again.

“Yes,” the door opens an old nun appears “oh my what happened to Dikastes.”

“We’ll explain, I don’t think we’ll have much time though, but we need your powers of Life to get our man back up again.”

“Fine come in…”

Sometime later….

“I see, so you believe this Aegis Kai Doru is related to the Timori in some way?” asks the nun.

“I believe from what we have gleaned thus far yes though they seem to asleep so the possibility of a Seer or Groups of Seers supplying them with their magic items but for what?” Lancaster says.

Dikastes speaks up “But if they’re asleep than how would they be able to use a magic item? I thought you had to be awake?” he flexes his hand “Owww!”

“Even though your hand is whole again Dikastes you probably shouldn’t move it around for awhile” the nun responding to the yelp of pain.

“I see.” Dikastes responds.

“Good question Dikastes but I’m afraid we might not have the time to find out.” Maccabee responds, “We tried to find out who they were and to not harm them like you wanted to do but their intententions were quite clear. And we will have to swallow our pride and call in the Guardians to investigate them, Lancaster do you think you can contact her?”

“Seriously you want me to pull a favor with her? Well I’ll try but just so you know she still kinda give me the creeps acting like some nymph or fairy without care in the world.”


“Well we should get going and sister I think you should transfer out to another location, I saw a priest in that pawn shop owners head.”



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