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We begin with Alejandro Gonzales and Brother Billy Staples trying again to find out more about the graves of Jacob Bennet and Bridgette Alexander at Crown Hill Cemetery. Billy going in the morning met with Jason Alexander praying at his sister’s grave, a conversation ensued, leading to Billy finding out about an aura of death and being told to stay out of the way, Jason would try to keep his friends from killing them. Later returning in the evening to investigate Bennet’s grave, with shovels this time! Billy using the powers of his faith noticed something else besides the assumed zombies, large hulking, wolf-like forms in the Twilight, their howls suddenly paralyzing him in fear, he starting to babble about running away, which they preceded to do so.

Later they met up with Agent Frank and Agent Nielsen when both Billy and Alejandro met with some strange incidents involving jazz music, Alejandro saw a car move into oncoming traffic and crash in front of his shop, while Billy with Agents Frank and Nielsen stopped Ben Roethlisberger (he get confused for the NFL player all the time.) from killing himself. Both found that both the victims were dealing with large amounts of stress and perhaps even severe depression before trying to kill themselves and the only thing linking them is the odd jazz music that was playing. Each going for their radios they started scanning the airwaves, each kind of picking up the station but between signals and never in the same area, and with a lot of interference. The Agents had the most success triangulating the signal in Westfield, a specific tower couldn’t be identified. In addition they found that a radio DJ had gone missing about a year ago, a John Mckaskill.

Deciding that a near full disclosure was needed the agents set a meeting with Alejandro and Billy, their only two contacts that know of the supernatural and had been dealing with the local threats, if they were to find out and combat effectively, they needed to know more, so met at a Denny’s to discuss. Finding out as much as possible Billy began to become suspicious of Alejandro, he doesn’t know what, but he is unsure of what Alejandro is up to and it makes him nervous.

Later that evening the two agents met with an officer claiming to be an Officer Johnson outside their hotel room door, asking questions about a Stephen Felt, when they said they didn’t know seeming to belief them gave them a number to contact if they find anything and left. Running a search on the badge number gave a “Detective Jacob Bennet” and suspicions aroused began first to fortify themselves in their room for awhile before making an attempt to leave. Upon going out the back exit they believed they were being followed when the service door they left through stayed open for a little bit longer than what it should have been. Quickly tossing their UV Grenade and running. Calling Billy they decided to seek safety in the church, hailing a cab they went downtown to the archdiocese while Billy called Alejandro. Revealing that they might have met Jacob Bennet they prepared their defenses as best they could and set up watch, while uneventful in the beginning Alejandro and Nielsen were just too tired to stay awake in the second phase. Upon awaking they found themselves to be a little sluggish but the computer and files briefcase of Nielsen’s was tampered with. Alejandro had a message “Where is Mark’s Body?”

They are deciding which doors they have opened need closing….



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