New Indy World of Darkness


Dr. Mark is in.

Our hunters recovering from Bullets Killed The Radio Star decided they should take on Doctor Mark, his lair being inside the Bloomington Hospital somewhere. This was spurred on by Agent Frank receiving a message from a bellhop giving him a message of, “Hey buddy, where is Mark?”

The hunters were divided in how to exactly approach the problem, most wanting to wait and recover but Alejandro Gonzales being a man of action decided to investigate the hospital himself. Trying to pose as a person who was considering suicide as his plan for entrance, he ran into problems when they tried to first to keep him there, second when they tried to put a tracking device upon him when he wanted to leave. It took the combined efforts of Brother Billy Staples and Juan Goldberger to get Alejandro out without causing too much trouble.

Getting together as a group, they decide to investigate the doctors, to see if anything stands out. Starting with the head doctor Doctor Reese they found that he is not Doctor Reese but Richard Geoffries and is older, a lot older than he appears. Finding photos that suspiciously look a lot like him from the late 1800’s. Red flags aroused, they decided to investigate further.

Agent Frank and Agent Nielsen followed up with the Doctor Reese lead, getting materials to have a fake cold-case murder investigation that crossed state lines, as their way to investigate the hospital. They first investigated in the day, where they met Dr. Reese, who seemed cordial, nice and willing to let them investigate other staff members. They found a patient and a nurse who had described a black haired, bulging blue-eyed individual who was only seen at night. They suspect Doctor Mark.

Going back to interview the night shift, with Alejandro and Billy waiting outside just in case. Thing started off normally until the power went out, then when the doors wouldn’t open, except for a service door which Alejandro and Billy used to enter the hospital. wondering in the dark with fear overwhelming them as they heard plaintive cries for help. Eventually finding the body of a nurse who had been interviewed in the morning investigation, they decided best to find an exit.

Finding themselves near the roof door, they had encountered while waiting there what appeared to be the head nurse. A tense standoff occurred as the hunters argued among themselves as to what to do. Eventually seeing through the disguise, Billy saw a man with no eyes instead of the head nurse. She/he vanished into the wall.

Eventaully the power came back on as they than moved to safety of a larger area where they would less likely be grabbed by hands coming out of the walls if any. Alejandro than started to feel compelled to enter the basement the party trying to stop him managed to successfully handcuff and tie up his legs when they felt the overwhelming urge to runaway, leaving Alejandro behind and Alejandro being conflicted in what he wanted to do. Seeing a Doctor, with balding black hair and bulging blue eyes he first fired but then felt compelled to listen to the doctor as he was a patient in the hospital. Hearing the gun shot and finding their resolved the rest of our hunters went back, unfortunately falling under the same compulsion that Alejandro was under, to treat this creature of the night as a doctor and to follow all the written and unwritten rules of protocol, they barely got Alejandro to safety, pulling out documentation that allowed him to leave under the care of Billy and the church.

If they are to attack again maybe they should have listened to Felt’s advise and do the blindingly obvious, attack during the day….



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