New Indy World of Darkness

Games That Children Play or Was it Fairies

Our Heroes look...

Billy Staples took an interest in Teacher Committed is Seeking Psychiatric Help due to the location where Mary Bitner was being held the IU Medical Center, believing that Stephen Felt or one of his ilk were involved. He lost that notion when posing as a spiritual healer/faith aid for Mary Bitner she revealed that it was a red-haired child with glowing blue eyes.

Jacob Bennet meanwhile tried to find out anything he could from the IPD files on anything involved with Mary Bitner. Jason Alexander who had helped the party in Super Natural Hunter of The Supernatural who had helped with removing/covering-up the death of The Thief. Later Bennet would find out that The Thief’s body never made into the morgue with Alexander being the prime suspect in it’s disappearance.

Billy went to Mary’s house looking for clues and saw a message written in the wall “Sam’s Will Be Done!” seeing scorch marks on the walls and furniture but no other leads

Alejandro being informed of what was happening doubted that the supernatural was involved up to the scorch marks on the wall. Getting in contact with one of his dealers Jimmy Ortez at Garfield Park he found out about a gang of kids whom the cell suspects is being headed by this Sam character, they also found that Jimmy has a son that goes by Billy, Guillermo Ortez.

Researching Fairies more Billy Staples found that they had not made an oath with Iron thus the party equipping themselves with A crowbar fire poker and tire iron they set out to confront the fair folk at their home, caused by the fact that a brunette-haired woman picked up “Sam” and their license plate lead to an obviously fake identity.

But when they were ready to go in they weren’t there and now young Billy Ortez is missing… Great, just great…



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