New Indy World of Darkness

Explosive Encounters

Of Doom

Jeb Stuart and Professor Bill Clark came up with a plan to destroy Thomas and Robert once and for all.

Composing a letter for Thomas, they lured them and another mage, Susan Gayle to a part of a natural gas line outside of Indy. Carefully they placed 5 gallons of nitroglycerin into a bomb mechanism.

Thomas however had some sort of spirit or familiar that alerted him to the trouble when they arrived.. being suspicious they started scanning the area. Taking the opportunity to trigger the device, he managed to catch Robert within the blast. The mages tried to change the area to contain the flames but something went horribly wrong… they couldn’t form the words necessary for their spells. Summoning instead a great demon of flames and sports, looking like a cross between a Balrog and love-craftian horror.

Jeb and Clark celebrated as they shot at them, killing Robert as they fled out of the situation from a flaming stair. Unfortunately not all were caught and killed in the trap. Calling into the police, Clark tried to frame the mages for their “terrorist” act.

However the news around the story was forming opposite to their expectations they scryed upon Thomas. They found that he was in a different apartment than they had viewed before. Taking this opportunity they set up another attempt at framing Thomas at least for terrorist acts by rigging his apartment wit ha small explosive charge plus 2 gallons of nitroglycerin, that were meant to be found. However that was not meant to be as the explosion was too much for their trick and ended up burning down that apartment as the volatile components exploded.

Scrying again they found that they were planning an attack against them. So they planned a trap… unfortunately the mages attack plan was from their play book, they rigged their house with explosives to cover up being their own wave of terrorist attacks. The explosion was being their end as fire, boiling mud, and spirit cats overwhelmed our Banishers…

Now the cover-up begins…



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