New Indy World of Darkness

Dealing With Devils

The Cell Fractured?

Our brave hunters were recovering from their first confrontation with some cabal of mages. While resting and going about their respective days. Then Jacob Bennet’s car hydroplaned in a puddle of water. Luckily Bennet was unharmed but then a series of other “unfortunate events” started happening to Bennet, Kant, and Staples.

While they were dealing with this “deviltry” Alejandro Gonzales was dealing with another kind of devil, Stephen Felt. Alejandro was looking to get new materials to “enhance” his products and to give Felt a way up to the north side, in exchange for this Felt wanted a “fuedal lord” Mark removed, he did not particularly care how. They sealed their agreement by partaking in some of Felt’s “product”.

Meanwhile the hunters were trying to deal with their case of extremely bad luck and decided to cut it off at the source, whom they believed to be a blond haired, blue eyed woman thanks to Bennet’s coins. They called her Sarah. Believing they were getting in contact with “her”, they confronted “her” at a base ball field, convincing Alejandro to come along wtih them after he had just finished opening a box sent to him by Felt that had a strange red, ichor like liquid in vials for him to use.

Failing to negotiate with “her” an epic combat ensued were our noble hunters were successful in the thought to be last moments, one could say shining brightly in the darkness before being snuffed out. Upon investigating her body, she was wearing what appeared to be baseball gear, including a jersey but figuring out the team or organization was hard to tell. Billy found an odd gem which appeared to have a screaming person within it on her person. Than Kant and Bennet started acting lucid and where beginning to shoot her corpse and starting to chop of her head, Billy and Alejandro left. Continuing the assault on the corpse Kant and Bennet were stopped by Officer Milton and his partner. Bennet was arrested while Kant made is escape.

What now will happen to our heroes?



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