New Indy World of Darkness

As the flames start to die down at Professor Bill Clark’s home and his neighbors home, Carl Baker. It caused a wave a fear to spread across the IU Bloomington campus a professor and grad student found dead. Adding onto the wave of fear that seems to be surrounding an Agent Johnson as well as how our tale started, with Two College Students Missing.

The IPD in combination with the FBI are suspecting terrorism, by a group called the Silver Hand that Clark tried to warn them about, as Jason Alexander told them.. He got the lead but couldn’t get to Clark in time. The investigation continues for this mysterious group.

E to The X is still on the streets… police can’t seem to find the place where it’s made or even who is distributing it…

And with the changing of the seasons it is now the Rule of Fear, the Rule of Fall.

So who will be next to brave this city engulfed in supernatural evil?

Who knows… a break to another grim world is in order.



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