New Indy World of Darkness

Burnin' Down The House

A Den of Snakes

It started when our newest hunter, a preacher, needed somewhere to rest for the night. Coming to a Baptist church he fell asleep and when he awoke, feeling suddenly lethargic, used the powers of his infernal Heritage to find out what was going on.

Meditating upon his sins he opened himself to find the sins of others, he saw visions of fire, snakes, women screaming.. all upon the altar. As well as a large black stain coming from the floor itself.

Continuing the hunt for Doctor Mark and this “Sewer Billy” they decided to investigate the church in the day for clues. A Carl found a way into the sewers and with a map of the sewers in tow decided to find the rest of the group. They found the pastor’s journal in his study and some grape juice that had some addictive properties, of which Agent Nielsen fell victim to.

Finding themselves in the sewers they managed to confront and “kill” this “Billy” and than move on to explore the area. Finding other possible scary doors but afraid to enter them they knew where they were but now it was getting to them.

Agent Nielsen, realizing that there was a serious and odd problem of being addicted to “grape juice” tried his best to stop himself by trusting himself to the injured Agent Frank. It didn’t work for long as he moved to find more of this “grape juice” at the church, which Carl and the preacher where watching. Both saw thing of interest, the preacher seeing a group of fifteen or so spawn of the devil leaving from the basement entrance. Carl found a bellhop moving towards the church, lethargic looking. Following him inside he found him putting a strange sap-like liquid into the grape juice. The hunter finding new information tried to regroup but not before subduing Agent Nielsen and loading his gun with blanks.

Taking Nielsen to a hospital to get help they believed to have helped him and initially yes they did. But as the night continued on he was visited by at least two maybe three vampires. His struggling and yelling managed to get the attention of Agent Frank who tried to ride in for the rescue but in the end both Agents became compromised.

Following Stephen Felt’s orders to keep an eye on their new friends, Frank like the good soldier he was set out immediately. Nielsen again through a force of will managed to handcuff himself to a tree. Later finding himself face to face with a young boy who said he could get him out of the predicament he was in. Desperate and increasingly quick tempered, Nielsen agreed.

Meeting at a Speedway and outside it parking lot they discussed their plan to strike. Coming up with an intricate plan they moved forward, but Agent Frank contacted Felt, who then suggested just burning the place down and by suggested Agent Frank was told. So beginning Felt’s plan he moved forward ahead of the scheduled attack plan. Thus causing a lot of confusion bu not before Carl got a good shot in on one of the vampires. The church burned to the ground and our hunters are left with a “Now what?” on their minds.



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