New Indy World of Darkness

Bullets Killed The Radio Star

we can't rewind we've gone to far

Starting with their nerves frayed over the events of Last Time they were going to investigate the radio waves after a long debate, apparently carrying the power of death through it, somehow… while Agent Nielsen went back to Washington to request additional support and explain what happened…

Finding the Antenna, Brother Billy Staples saw that it looked like a large stone tower with a metal base, as opposed to an antenna tower, investigating the station they found it oddly empty, hearing chanting from within, they quickly called Agent Frank and moved in.

Seeing a group of four people, in robes chanting, Billy was confused not sure what to do but could clearly see the taint of evil emanating from them and their death-like appearance disturbing, but they seemed not to notice him. Alejandro and Frank moved in and while Alejandro was fine Frank began reliving some of the horrors he experienced in the middle east, paralyzed with fear. Not knowing what to do, Billy shoved one of the Cultists over, thus getting their attention. Agent Nielsen makes it back to Indy from Washington and has finished renting his car.

The fight than began in earnest, launching black screaming skulls and summoning a large floating skull from the floor, leading Billy to think “Most Metal enemies ever!” especially in the fight after Agent Frank managed to pull himself out of his fears and started fighting back the exits were being blocked by tombstones, eerily later it was found that the four nearest tombstones match the names of the cultists. Agent Nielsen also added his side arm to the fight as well, with Billy landing a decisive blow, saying thus Lord Bless This Piece of Concrete and so doing smote The Lord’s enemies ruin so, eventually our brave hunters managed to defeat the cult leader, one John Mckaskill.

However upon defeat the tombstones were still up, and The Spirit of The Radio still kicking, managing to look outside Billy saw miles of headstones, mausoleums, and felt a cold still wind. Calling on their respective allies to clean up/get them out, they moved back to the radio tower antenna, Billy still seeing a large stone tower wit ha metal base, now with a large ancient looking coin atop with an equally ancient king on it face, similar to the ones that he saw Jacob Bennet use a few times.

Finding that both the High Voltage box and the adjoining building were used in a ritual that tried (and apparently was successful somehow) of bringing the Tower of The Lead Coin from the Realm of The Dead into our existence, for what reason Mckaskill thought that would be a good idea is not known. Breaking the rituals at all three locations seemed to have little effect but perhaps it was enough to allow Jason Alexander to separate realities back to where they needed to be, if it was him that was the shining light moving towards the tower….



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