New Indy World of Darkness

Actions in The Dark

A Duo of Cutscenes

A slightly over weight man is at the computer, appearing to be engaged and intense in what he is doing.


Stephen Felt comes barging in,

“What?!” Lenny responds, " Oh by the way you have a little bit of blood showing on your face."

Felt wipes the blood of his face, “Busy night have you found out who took that body yet, the one that killed those two little novices yet?”

Lenny, still focusing on the computer, “Oh huh, what? Oh yeah that! I thought after I removed record of the body being found from their records you and Carlos were supposed to get the body… Oh hold on fighting Blood-Queen Lana’thel….”

“Sighh” Felt responds with a huff and goes over to the power chord and precedes to unplug the machine.

“Hey! What are you doing!” Lenny now actually responding with some emotion.

Felt looks on, “Good now you can pay attention, some one else got to the body before we did! Also I need you to go through and see if you can find anything about this ‘Sam. King of Summer’ and see who he is and if he exists, man that guy was delusional..”

Lenny, “Oh I see, so you think those guys screaming about that kid throwing sunlight didn’t lose it, by the way what happened to that guy we found anyways?”

Felt, “Don’t ask, and there appears to be a groups of the kine that know what we are, hopefully they’ll try to find Mark and take care of each other, or if they take him out maybe they can be sharpened to my tool.”

Lenny, “I see, well I’ll get right on it then…. Umm could you please plug my computer back in.”


“Maccabee I think we now found an actionable lead on these Aegis Kai Doru guys, we’ll find out if they’re Seers or Banishers and just where they are getting their magic from.”

“Oh, Dikastes your back I’m just trying to figure out what killed that Libertine.” Looking at the body on the table. "It seems to be wholly made by the Abyss as if all connection to the Supernal were cast out.

“Do you think it has something to do with what Dikastes saw?”

“Perhaps Lancaster, it is an odd event even if it boosts my abilities it seems it is not strong enough to pierce the connection that this creature has.”

Dikastes “You mean that aura of death I saw on the radio waves when I encountered that strange man?”

“Yes those are the ones, we need to find how they got there and fast.” Maccabee responds.



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