New Indy World of Darkness

A Strange Fate

The continuing Death of Jacob Bennet

Jacob Bennet awoke to something sweet going into his mouth and a sudden hunger consuming him.

Eyes seeing red he saw a person and leaps toward them, he thought he heard a muffled scream.

As his vision starts to clear of the redness he see a blond haired woman in front of him.

“Hey buddy! Glad to see your back to umm your regular dead self I guess.”

Turning around he sees Stephen Felt standing next to a headstone with ‘Jacob Bennet’ on it. He wants to feel anger but instead is feeling happiness, the same as if meeting a beloved family member. “I’m dead?”

“Well yes that was unfortunate, I’d intended to make you pay me back for making my life a little difficult in another way, seeings how you started to have the police look into me, couldn’t have that. But I’m a believer in karma so this works to, in fact I’ve even got you a gift..” Points to dead woman.

“Who is she?”

“Look for some I.D.”

Looking for I.D. he finds a name of Bridgette Alexander, if it were possible Bennet would feel the blood draining from his face. “How?…”

“Oh when you mentioned Jason there I figured I’d need something to keep you, if what you say is true than your going to need help. Besides you want revenge don’t you? You’ll need my help for that as you won’t last very long on your own, besides we’re family now!”

“I….I don’t know, I’m … Why … Why can’t I hate you?”

“Oh that well can’t give the tool too much freedom to start can we? I want you to solve the police problem you caused me, I’m sure you can handle that.”

Jacob Bennet tries with all his strength to summon his rage and strike Felt but it suddenly something clicks in his mind “Aaaaah!” he slumps down in pain, still feeling that love that he knows his fake. He starts to say no, but something creeks out instead “Yes…”

“Good! Well than first step is filling your grave back up! Carlos!”

Bennet sees what appears to be a young man, 18 maybe 21, walk up what is notable is the combat bot and the rifle he has strapped to him, an M1917 ‘American Enfield’ rifle, in pretty good condition too. You see behind him a truck that has some rolls of sod in it. He also has a few shovels. Bennet sees several other people behind Carlos with shovels, he sees their blood, they are kind of in a daze.

Carlos says to Felt “We need to hurry this up.”

“Fine, well Bennet start shoveling.”

Feebly reaching out for the shovel he starts to fill in his own grave.

“Maybe later you can tell me about your other friends..”

“Arrgh!” Bennet struggles and falls over again.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve got plenty of time.”



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