New Indy World of Darkness

A New Hunter Emerges

The Cell needs better planning

The Cell decides to investigate this “Mark” while Jacob Bennet started investigating Jason Alexander as he was getting nervous at his work, his “spidey sense” was tingling as it where. Needing help the Aegis Kai Doru get Floyd Kant involved. Alejandro Gonzales officially joins the Ascending Ones through Doctor Oskar Oskarson.

Finding out that Mary Bitner was the victim of some kind of attack, Billy Staples decided to leave a message for whom he suspects was visiting her, Stephen Felt. Meeting him at a small sub sandwich shop, things went south quickly, with Jacob Bennet revealing some of the cells secrets and Billy Staples having an old addiction being reawakened within him, and Alejandro Gonzales needing some rest.

The decided to keep an eye on Stephen Felt but found confrontation at this time to be out of the question, they’ll need to strike when he is vulnerable. Alejandro Gonzales starts getting some information on Felt, and is secretly trying to set-up a more civil meeting with him.

The party decides to investigate the odd feeling that Jacob Bennet has been feeling and are now investigating Jason Alexander, William Boan and an Officer Milton.



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