A World of Darkness game set in Indianapolis. The groups is now Banishers.

World of Darkness is a modern Gothic horror game, with this setting in “present” day Indianapolis for this game. As hunters you know that the world is not as it seems and that there are creatures that exist beyond what most accept would exist. Werewolves, Vampires, and Mages are real and more hunting down humanity. You are going to do something about it, whether hunting them down or researching them so that more know or curing/saving them.

Feel free to use this character Lenny as an example of how to post your character.

Here is how to make a tables seen in the Description box, add < to the beginning of each and > at the end.

table=begins table

tr= Begin table row

td= Start a “box” in a row

/td= End box

/tr= end table row

/table= end table

Insert text for what you want in there between td and /td and you will need a new td + /td for each entry.

Please post your character as soon as you can, completely.

You can work on description and back story as well.

Character Sheet found here http://download.white-wolf.com/download/download.php?file_id=1209>

For some reason printer is not printing properly, so download and use if you want.

New Indy World of Darkness

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